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2018 Global Wellbeing


Increasingly, employers seek to help employees improve multiple facets of their lives, including their physical, financial, mental/emotional, professional/career, social wellbeing and more. In order for employees to work well, they often need help to live well.

Now in its 12th year, this survey again expands its focus from traditional health and wellness to broader wellbeing, with particular emphasis on financial wellbeing.

While employers and their programs come from many different perspectives, for consistency in interpretation we use the term, “wellbeing.” Please consider this to refer to the programs you provide, regardless of whether your organization embraces a broad wellbeing philosophy.

We invite you to participate if you are responsible for wellbeing strategy at your company, whether globally or at a country-specific level. If wellbeing strategy or programs in your organization vary significantly between countries or regions, we encourage you (or your colleagues responsible for other countries) to respond to the survey separately on behalf of each country.  

In appreciation for your participation, you will receive a free copy of the survey report with results for all participating companies.  

If you start the survey and need to complete it at a later time, use the link provided and you will be taken to where you left off. If you have any issues, contact us at


Thank you for your participation.



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